Skatepark News, Progress and Updates

We have lots of news and happenings since our last post.

First we would like to once again raise up our biggest supporter Barb Iverson who passed away two weeks ago from cancer. Barb's patience, kindness and energy was a driving force for so many of the kids she taught and nurtured over the years. Ms. I will be missed in the skateboarding community and the city as a whole.

Skate Lessons.

Now lets talk about what we have been up to. We added 192 slots for lessons in the months of June and July. Within 48 hours 108 of those had been signed up for. We know there is an insane demand and are looking at ways in which we can grow into a much larger force for programming and lessons. To be continued....

Bike Trail Clean Up!

We had a successful day working in the community to clean up the bike trails. A great turnout and some interesting unmentionable finds along the way. We make it a point to continue to stay active in the community and bring the young skaters along to encourage service.

Building our community appeals team.

We have been actively working with Maximizing Excellence to build out the appeals campaign strategy and team. We are looking to add new and inventive ways of fundraising within the Sioux Falls community. In addition to the traditional pathways for capital campaigns, we are looking at ways to influence the next generation of fundraisiers in to participating and learning the process. In addition we look forward to building out some incredibly unique experiences for both fundraisiers and for those that give.

Upcoming Block Party Event.

On July 10th we will be holding our 3rd annual Sioux Falls Skatepark Association Block Party. This year we are partnering with The Breaks Coffee Shop and will be collecting donations for one of our favorite local organizations LSS. We will have music, skateboarding, contests, games and prizes. Custom T-shirts from Green Dream will be available for preorder to be picked up that day. Come on out and skate or watch or just hang out!


We have some really exciting developments coming as well. The Skatepark Association is looking at potentially recieving a chunk of some of the additional dollars the Sioux Falls City Council has to spend. Amounts and details to come. Rick Kiley presented our project to the council to what I would call a very favorable response. A few of the young skateboarders came along to the council meeting. Thanks to Rick and everyone on the council for seeing the vision of what we are trying to create. Until next time, LET'S SKATE!