Skatepark Update 3-12-21

The summer of 2020 as a whole was a bit of a curveball for our organization (much like every other business/organization in the world). We were initially disappointed to find out our Chamber/Forward Sioux Falls Community Appeals Campaign was probably going to be pushed back to 2023. With all of our events cancelled for covid, and our fundraising dead in the water we looked to start planning how to attack our capital campaign. 

In late June or early July we were unexpectedly notified that our Community Appeal campaign would be maintaining its original November 2021 timeline. Which meant we were super excited, but also we were behind on development of our campaign.

Luckily we had enlisted the help of Maximizing Excellence to help guide us. Kacey and Cindy wer quick to get us on track. Last fall we built a planning committee consisting of architects, designers and some of our board. With the designs skills of Les Cotton we have built a fantastic fundraising piece. Late in the year we recruited volunteers to help raise funds for or individual asks while simultaneously starting to recruit chair people for the Community Appeals Campaign. 

After the first of the year we had our fundraising training session and on January 20th we launched our individual ask campaign. Meanwhile we were also meeting with the community appeals chairs to start cultivating our team for that campaign. 

At the end of February we launched our video promoting the community building that is happening within our association and the skateboarding community as a whole. In particular we highlighted the story of about 25 girls that have been participating in a formal class setting as well as meetups throughout the week. 

The response was overwhelming to say the least. The demand for skate lessons in our community, particularly for girls, is much higher than any of us expected. We have 18 slots every other week and a demand of at least three times that. We are looking at a solution that would involve open skate days where we invite beginners to the outdoor skateparks and get them started on learning the basics of skateboarding informally. We will be meeting with the parks department to look into what is required to hold these gatherings and promote skateboarding throughout the community.

Lastly this fall we had the help of Blend Interactive in building our website, which includes an option to make monthly donations via PayPal. With the hope that we can get everyone in the community involved.  Making consistent donations of any amounts will have a much larger long term impact, while also allowing everyone to feel like they are contributing to making this happen, which they are! In addition we have a donor matching up to the first $1000 of recurring donations each month!

We ask that you consider making a monthly donation to help us reach our goal! We look forward to a summer block party as well as seeing everyone in real life! 

Until next time, Stay Rad! 

Walter Portz President Sioux Falls Skatepark Association