Skate Park/Parks Department Partnership

Sharing our enthusiasm for the project is the Sioux Falls Parks Department. Through our partnership, we were given the opportunity to pitch the project to the Sioux Falls Park Board.  With a sweeping approval and inclusion in the City’s Master Plan for Nelson Park, the Park’s department provided SFSA with another indispensable asset;  land.  Located at the highly visible location of East 10th Street and Cliff Avenue the future plaza serves an accessible meeting place in the core of our city.

The Designers

Considered an industry pioneer in municipal skatepark design, New Line Skateparks has constructed over 200 skateparks.  The firm is focused on creating engaging environments, while thoughtfully integrating the needs of a community.  Their one-of-a-kind parks provide world-class terrain, while celebrating art, diversity, sustainable development principles, structural longevity, and strong connections to surrounding amenities.

“Much of what goes into and comes out of these projects centers on empathy, not only for skateboarders but for people with disabilities, parents of skateboarders, and the community in general.”

-Kanten Russell, Design Project Manager, New Line Skateparks

After 12 years of professional skateboarding, Design Project Manager at New Line, Kanten Russell seamlessly transitioned into skatepark design.  During his 14 year career in skatepark design, Russell has been an industry advocate for ADA accessibility and sustainability.  Russell has led the design process of more than 250 skateparks, including the first ever “green” skatepark in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


Process 2016: Creation of the Sioux Falls Skatepark Association (SFSA)

2017: Initial conversations with the Sioux Falls Parks Department and volunteer board members established

2017-current: Establishing SFSA as an asset of the community

Jan 2019: First public input meeting with Kanten Russell from New Line Skateparks

May 2019: Drake Springs Walk-Through and public discussion with Kanten Russell and the Sioux Falls Parks Department. First concepts presented

June 2019: Parks Department hosts public input meeting regarding skatepark

July 2019: Sioux Falls Park Board approves updates to Nelson Park master plan.

Nov 2019: Park design and 3D renderings received from New Line

Nov 2019: Phase 1 of design process complete

Dec 2019: SFSA presents Community Appeals Campaign to Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

Jan 2020: Received Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals Campaign slot.

April 2020: Tony Hawk Foundation awards SFSA with $5,000 Grant

Sept 2020 Kickoff partnership with Maximizing Excellence

Planned Events:

Fall 2021: Community Appeals Campaign begins

Spring 2022: Projected to reach fundraising goal

June 2022: Begin development process to refine skatepark design

July 2022: Design review and public forums

October 2022: Final Construction documents submitted to SFSA November

2022: Bid construction documents

December 2022: Award project

Spring 2023: Groundbreaking and construction start

September 2023: Opening day! Let’s skate!